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Optimal Brain Wellness Blueprint

High-ops, constant deployments, the effects of trauma, and the stress induced by an unpredictable life… combined, this creates the perfect recipe for a health and wellness breakdown.

Spouses who support warriors need (and deserve) to operate at their absolute best. This means setting the foundation for optimal health and wellness. As a trained nutritional therapy practitioner, I can help you experience a life lived healthily. My upcoming course, Optimal Brain Wellness Blueprint, will equip you with knowledge and tools necessary to:

Combat Stress

Fight Chronic Fatigue

Optimize Your Health

Improve Your Life

Benefits of Optimal Brain Wellness Blueprint

Created by Christina Kieler, the spouse of a retired Green Beret and founder of Intentionally Healed, Optimal Brain Wellness Blueprint is a self-paced course that will guide military spouses through a series of wellness workshops.

Students of this course will grow in new ways and experience optimized levels of health, wellness, and mindset. You will: 

Discover individual nutritional needs

Learn how to make intentional decisions and fuel your body effectively.

Regulate and manage hormones

Understand how hormones impact your health.

Connect nutrition and brain health

Discover the powerful connection between your brain and healthy living.

Improve overall mental health

Experience the ways improved nutrition benefits your mental health.

Optimal Brain Wellness Blueprint will officially launch in January 2023!

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